Work-In-Progress Wednesday #16

I’ll have you all know that I sacrificed watching one final episode of Merlin on Netflix before bed in order to squeak in a last minute WIP Wednesday post (you should feel special, Merlin is a really great show)! Don’t thank me, though, because this means you get terribly lit nighttime photos of WIPs instead of pretty pictures. Can’t have it all, I suppose… I’ve been quite busy in general with big deadlines at work and finally finishing unpacking from the move, but I have still been knitting as the holidays continue to approach, whether I’m busy or not, and gifts need to be made. Here are the goodies I’ve been focused on this week.

Santa’s Syrinx:

Malabrigo Yarn Rasta, colorway Ravelry Red

As the holidays get closer and closer, my gift list tends to evolve. Projects involving more than 300 yards of yarn are slashed from the list, hat and mitt sets are demoted to just hats or just mitts, long scarves become neckwarmers, some are cut altogether. It’s just how these things go. That’s why I love my Syrinx Shells cowl pattern for gifts: 90 yards of super bulky yarn, size 15 needles, a couple of buttons, and a few hours of some pretty nifty knitting later and HEY! LOOK! instant cowl. What you see above took 2 episodes of Merlin, including winding the yarn. I love progress!

Rustic Elegance:

Zen Yarn Garden Serenity Worsted, one of a kind colorway

I could no longer resist casting on the Hasselnusse cowl pattern by Anne Hanson that I raved about in my most recent Inspiration Saturday post, so there you have it. It’s a quick little knit comprised almost entirely of a lacey leaf edging with stitches picked up all around it in garter. All I have left to do is the buttonhole band… and to hunt down some buttons. I had a different gift planned for this yarn but I’m hoping that the recipient will love the cowl, instead. The yarn was too perfect for the pattern (better pics soon, I promise) and I couldn’t stop picturing the finished object, thus it had to happen.

Festooned Joy:

BMFA Socks that Rock Lightweight, colorway Comfort and Joy

I am still madly in love with this sock edging (a modified version of Joy by Karen Alfke) and I work on the sock here and there as my selfish holiday knit. I am a big supporter of soothing, comforting, selfish knits during the holiday season to maintain an inkling of sanity (hence the birth of my Ribby Holiday Socks pattern). This one is fitting the bill nicely and the colors are so perfectly festive that I’m instantly cheered up when I work on it, too.

Well folks, I hope you had a wonderful Wednesday. This time next week I’m hoping to have most of my holiday knits wrapped up. How are you doing on yours?


3 thoughts on “Work-In-Progress Wednesday #16

  1. Haha. I like your style. I may need to slash some gifts from list also. I'm starting to worry about my ability to get all the things I have planned finished. The edge on the sock is really neat. I've never seen an icord used that way.


  2. How do you manage to get all of this done?! I've been stuck on the same pair of socks for a month and a half now! Seeing that photo with the bulky yarn made me happy, you always knit it into the most beautiful things. I also seriously want some of that Zen Yarn Garden yarn, beautiful! I started watching the first episode of Merlin but couldn't get into it, I love British TV and now I'm thinking I should give it a second try.



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