We All Get These Urges

The move over the weekend was a success, due entirely to my dear Fiasco who is a complete weirdo and absolutely loves packing all of our earthly possessions into boxes and then packing those boxes into trucks and then unpacking them, etc– and I’m not being sarcastic at all. He actually loves it. I, on the other hand, hate being so unsettled. I hate not knowing where my things are and am prone to unflattering hissy-fits when I can’t find some very particular thing exactly when I want it. This wonderfully stressful time has coincided with a time at work When All The Things Are Due, so knitting has been so, so scarce. I’m inches away from finishing three different projects and not having time to just sit down and focus on them is driving me a little bit bonkers. I have observed two standard responses to this dearth of knitting time, I either:

1) spend money on yarn (because if you can’t knit it, buy it?)
or, when I’m particularly broke, I
2) spend hours dreaming about all the things I wish I were knitting.

Option 2 inevitably leads to an urge to cast on everything ever but in particular, at this very moment, I’m really craving some socks. I haven’t knitted on any socks in so long. I (as usual) have many pairs in progress but at the moment they’re all in stages that require concentration and what I really need is a pair of nice, simple, festive, knit-in-my-sleep (or on a 2-hour conference call at work) pair of socks.

BMFA Socks that Rock Lightweight, colorway Comfort and Joy

This is the November 2011 kit from the BMFA Rockin’ Sock Club and casting this baby on is going to be my reward for unpacking some boxes tonight. I think this cheerful pair might be just the motivation I need (and let’s just not say anything about all the gift knitting I still have to do, mmmkay?).


3 thoughts on “We All Get These Urges

  1. Oh I've always wanted to try that yarn, I cannot say how many times I've walked over to their display in Webs and drooled. I think that I never ended up buying any because I couldn't pick the colorway I liked best. I'm so glad that you moved successfully and you are so super lucky to have such an awesome guy!


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