Our new apartment complex allows us to paint one wall in each room as an ‘accent wall’. It seems a little silly that we can’t do the whole room, but I’m just glad to have the option to paint at all! So of course I went a little crazy trying to pick colors. The Fiasco and I finally settled on these (the coins indicate the ones we chose):

The yellow will go in the kitchen, which has grey countertops and tiles, so I think it will compliment nicely (and the Fiasco was surprisingly dead-set on having a yellow kitchen). The green will go in the living room and the teal will go in both of the bedrooms. If we have leftover paint, we might do some yellow and green stripes along the top of the wall in the bathroom, too. I’m not entirely sure how all these colors will look with the mauve/beige-ish carpeting everywhere but I am just so excited to have happy colors in my home that I don’t really care!
We’re going to do some stenciling, too! In the kitchen, we’re going to paint some dandelions:
From Cutting Edge Stencils webpage.
Probably in white. And then the master bedroom will have an all-over pattern on the wall which will look a lot like this:
Photo from Cutting Edge Stencils webpage.
It might take a little while before we get around to doing the stenciling because we’ll have to wait for weekends when I don’t have other things to do, but I think it’s going to be awesome. I’d also like to do a vine design of some kind along the top of the living room walls, but haven’t found a good stencil for that yet. There might be some large paisley or damask stencils done in the second bedroom, too, still thinking about it. Have you done any stenciling or seen some that you like? I’d appreciate any painting tips!
We also went to Joann’s Fabrics and ordered some fabric for curtains. Our new place has a ton of windows and to purchase curtains to cover all of them would’ve come close to $200. For less than half that price we bought enough fabric for the Fiasco to make curtains himself. His mom taught him to sew when he was a hyperactive little kid needing something to do and it’s sure come in handy! He used to make costumes for theater groups in high school and he’ll occasionally go on a sewing bender and make a giant quilt or two, which I think is pretty cool. Since I never learned to use a sewing machine, I love having a fiance who knows his way around one and I’m excited to see what he makes. And of course, any curtain-making tips would be appreciated!

4 thoughts on “Color!

  1. I think that sewn curtains are way prettier than store-bought ones. They will look wonderful! You are lucky that you get an accent wall, they picked the color of our accent wall for us (an ugly blue). The stenciling is definitely going to add something special!


  2. I love the colors you picked out for your wall! Living in a cream dorm room really makes me miss having colorful wonderful walls! And I can't wait to see the final product of those stencils!!!



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