Inspiration Saturday #1

I’ve decided to start posting patterns, designs, ideas, yarns, and/or projects that inspire me every Saturday. Most of the posts on this blog are about things that inspire me but this way such posts will 1) be a bit more structured (and guarantee that I post at least once a week!) and 2) allow anybody else who’d like to join in to do so. At the bottom of these posts will be a place for you to link to your own ‘Inspiration Saturday’-themed post, which I know I’d love to read!

As a general rule, I find every single design published through Twist Collective inspiring. But for today I will try to limit my effusions of admiration to three designs from the most recent Winter 2012 edition.

Design #1:

Photo from Ravelry pattern page.

This is Berwick, a wonderfully stylish aran-weight pullover designed by Kristen Rengren.This sweater is a great example of how a few carefully placed details turn something fairly simple and into something fantastic. That giant brioche rib cowl collar with contrasting buttons really makes this piece, and the front pocket doesn’t hurt, either. When I look at this picture, I instantly want to be wearing that sweater. Plus, it seems like it would be flattering on many figures, which means there’s a pretty good chance I’ll get around to trying to make it someday!

Design #2:

Photo from Ravelry pattern page.

This fingering-weight hat and mitten set is called Chamomile, designed by Rachel Coopey. I am often inspired by colorwork projects knit in fine yarn, perhaps because I’m still working up the determination to try to attempt such a project. Whatever the reason, it’s undeniable that fine-gauge colorwork has a great wintery feel to it, and these designs fit right in with that. I also like the delicate look of this colorwork pattern in particular, it reminds me of lace doily edgings which I think is pretty unique.

Design #3:

Photo from Ravelry pattern page.

This DK-weight cardigan is Picard, designed by Marnie MacLean. This is another garment with a basically simple shape but with a few really great details that make it stand out. I love the inverted V with the lines of twisted stitches traveling down the front of the cardigan. I’m not sure I’d be able to pull this look off, the angles of the V might not hit my bust correctly and the vertical lines might draw a little more attention than I’d like to the belly region, but I love it on the model nonetheless. Marnie posted about her rather dorky inspiration for this design on her blog, if you’re interested. I know I love reading about how designs are born.

I hope you enjoyed my first attempt at Inspiration Saturday. Please join in and spread the word! What’s inspired you lately?


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