Work-In-Progress Wednesday #13

I hope you folks are having a wonderful week! My shiny new job as a marine biologist at a consulting firm has seriously cut into my knitting time, but since I like the company and the work very much, that’s ok. 🙂 Still, I do have a couple things to show you, so here we go!

Beautiful Briny Sea:

SG Bugga in Box Jellyfish and Cephalopod Yarns Bugga in Blue-Ringed Octopus

I’m still working on this freakin’ Flamboyan shawl, although I’m done with it emotionally. I tend to get really tired of plain stockinette shawl knitting and even though this is actually mostly garter stitch, purling back those middle stitches was getting to me. I was also annoyed that the pattern only gave a length to knit to instead of a number of repeats. Another Raveler with a gorgeous version of the shawl was kind enough to indulge my OCD and count the number of YO holes she made on hers so that I could try for a similar size. (For those wondering, it’s an even 50.) Then I was really excited to move onto the next section, until I tried starting the ribbing off by candlelight while the power was out and my stitch count got way off. Go figure, deep blue yarn is really hard to see in the dark! So this shawl might be stuck in that so-close-yet-so-far stage for a while yet.

Ever More Ribbons:

Malabrigo Yarn Rios, colorway Azules

Yes, folks, yet another version of my free Berriboned Wrists pattern. :What can I say? They’re fun and simple to work and they make great gifts. This pair is a part of the Beribboned KAL I’m hosting in the Designer’s Co-Op KAL and CAL group on Ravelry as well as the Project Stash Show of Hands KAL. They are destined to be a gift for a teenager but they’d be great for anyone on your list. When my mom visited a couple of weeks ago she ‘adopted’ (a.k.a. flatout stole) a pair of mine, and I must say they look fabulous on her and it thrills me that she’s gotten lots of compliments on them!

Hi, Mom!

There’s still plenty of time to join in the KAL if you’d like. It runs through 12/31/12, at which point I will randomly draw a winner from the finished projects to receive a $20 gift certificate to either The Verdant Gryphon or Cephalopod Yarns. You can knit either the wristwarmers/mitts or the hat (which is on sale for one more week!) to qualify. One participant, Anita, knit a great version of the wristwarmers using cords and beads to lace them up instead of ribbon:

From Blacky67’s project page, used with permission.

I hope you decide to join us! I‘d love to see what you come up with. Click the images below to either come visit the KAL or check out more WIP Wednesday posts!


8 thoughts on “Work-In-Progress Wednesday #13

  1. Well of course being a marine biologist is just so awesome that we can't fault you one bit for not knitting as much (although I'm still blown away by how much you get done every day!). I think that one of the most fun parts of a KAL is seeing each finished product comes out, each of them is different and some people really get creative!


  2. The cords and beads are such a great idea, and I am loving the ones you are making with the varigated yarn. I love the pair I have now, so thank you for designing such a fun project!



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