Hurricane Hat

So the nice thing about being holed up inside waiting out a hurricane is that there’s plenty of time to knit:

Malabrigo Chunky,Ā  colorway Purple Mystery

That’s the Snappy Hat pattern by Corrina Ferguson. It’s free and works up quickly. At first I was concerned because I know I like my Chunky hats knit on size 10 needles with a 60 stitch cast on and this pattern called for size 10 3/4 needles and a 70 stitch cast on that increased to 80 for the body of the hat. I was doubtful that it would fit well and thought it would be much too large. However, after waffling back and forth I decided to trust the designer and I’m glad I did. All those cable twists really tighten up the fabric so the hat fits just fine and I really appreciate how smoothly the cables decrease at the crown. (I love a good set of crown decreases and hate it when hat patterns are lazy about it!) Corrina has a bunch of great patterns, including her Gaenor shawl, which is one of the first shawls I ever made.

From 2010! Apparently I like to knit her patterns in purple.

I feel like I’m playing hookey today because I was supposed to start a brand new job as a Marine Biologist for an environmental consulting firm in Rhode Island. Kind of tough to do, though, when there are declared states of emergencies in both RI and CT and all the major highways are being closed down. So my first day will be Wednesday, instead. Wish me luck! And wherever you are, I hope you stay safe and dry!


8 thoughts on “Hurricane Hat

  1. The hat looks so squishy and cute! I also love the shawl, purple is my favorite color so I may be a little biased. I hope your first day goes well and I will send happy thoughts your way on staying safe and dry!


  2. Ooh, I really love your hat: so cute and cuddly-looking! I hope you made it through the hurricane without any problems. Also, I wanted to tell you that I gifted your Huacaya hat pattern and some alpaca yarn to my mom for her birthday last week, and she was over the moon! šŸ™‚

    Hope your new job is going well! šŸ™‚



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