Time Travel

The Fiasco and I recently traveled back in time to 1830 to visit Old Sturbridge Village, which is a historical reproduction of a New England village. It was a lovely place and also delightfully full of fiber-y things!

Pastoral prettiness
I love the woods in autumn.
Little lamb
Friendly ram
Naturally dyed skeins of yarn pictured with the source of the dye (like walnut, onion skins, and sage).
Fiber type comparison display
The Fiasco trying out hand carders
My successfully carded rolag
To make a coat: 1 day scouring, 1 day dyeing, 9 days carding, 13 days spinning, 3 days weaving, and 3 days sewing. Crazy!
Pretty handknits on display
I appreciated the bit about “go-abroad knitting”…
Carding machine
I coveted that basket of rolags
This pottery guy was super cool
I took home a little handmade bowl and yarn dyed with osage orange.

All in all, it was a great little trip that made me more than a bit wistful for a style of life that isn’t really possible anymore. Do you ever get nostalgic for a past that wasn’t yours?


6 thoughts on “Time Travel

  1. Woah! That place looks even better than the Shaker Village in Mass, and that is an amazing place! I love the display with all of the naturally dyed yarns, so many possibilities. Also, I love the pretty yellow shawl that you are wearing in one of the photos, it looks wonderful on you.


  2. I'm really impressed with how long it took to make a coat. While I knew it would have taken a long time before the industrial revolution, it's eye-opening to see an actual timeline.



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