Exciting Times

Guys, I have big news!

You excited?

You should be!

Valley Yarns Berkshire Bulky, colorway Stone Blue

I’ve started my first ever knitted piece of clothing! Well, I started a couple of sweaters long ago but never got very far. This one is going to be different. I’m ready to commit now. This one is The One, the Mr. Right of garments. The pattern is the Montague Bulky Lace Vest from New England Knits. As you can see, I’m taking it easy on my first foray into sweaterdom: bulky yarn, huge needles, interesting lace, minimal shaping, sleeveless. This avoids many of the possible procrastination pitfalls that would lead to sweater failure for me: too many stitches on the needle, the feeling of no progress being made, too much boring stockinette (for some reason I love garter but hate knitting stockinette), too many pieces to deal with in the end. And I did everything I could to ensure success this time: I swatched, I compared the pattern schematic to a vest I already own to determine size, I started with the largest size and realized it was too big early on and fixed that, and I chose a style I think will be flattering for my body type. I think I can really do this thing!

I’m actually modifying it, too. If you do a search on Ravelry for the larger sizes you will see that the lace panels are very widely spread apart in a most unflattering way with huge expanses of reverse stockinette between them that I just did not find appealing. I liked the way the small size looked, its proportions, so I tried to preserve that in the way I’m knitting it. I added regular stockinette to either side and centered the lace panels better. I don’t yet know if this well screw something up for me near the neck, but I looked through the pattern and tried to knit it in my head and didn’t see anything major about how the various decreases interacted with the way the patterns lined up.

Here’s hoping this sweater and I will live happily ever after! πŸ™‚


11 thoughts on “Exciting Times

  1. Not only are you making your first sweater, but you are modifying it too? Such a great challenge and I know that it will be a wonderful FO before we know it. I knitted a bulky sweater once (the popular Owls pattern) and still think back fondly on the process, I hope you have the same experience!


  2. Fabulous choice and that blue is quite dreamy…I am always very impressed by your very astute descriptions of the patterns and love the detail in which you relate to us how you get them to work for you…This sweater will indeed be successful because YOU are knitting it! CANNOT wait to see the FO! Have a good week…



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