Taking Care

I’ve been so busy taking care of business around Chez Shoelaceswitcher that I’ve barely had a chance to blog! Day-to-day life things really do add up. Revelation: I thought cleaning and keeping up with the house would be easier with all this time off… but it’s not. Turns out when you’re home more, you mess the place up more and spend lots of time finding more things that need doing. Boo.

But I have been knitting! In fact, I knit an entire project in two days. I can’t show it to you in its entirety because it’s the prototype of something I might use for my Malabrigo Quickie featured design in January, but here’s a pretty swatch:

Malabrigo Twist, colorways Indiecita and Natural

I’m not counting this one as a finished project yet because I’m not completely happy with it. I’m going to try a few other ideas out first.

Good news, though: I’ve finally reached the edging of my Color Affection shawl!

Bugga, colorways undyed, common emerald moth, and fierce snake

I was so excited to cut the strands of the main color andย  first contrast color. Now it’s just… more of the same worked over about 400 stitches for 2 inches! *sarcastic yaaaaay!* But at least now I’m only working with one ball of yarn, I hate untangling my working yarn every few rows. This shawl is at the point where the Fiasco is saying things like “Don’t stop, keep knitting!” and “Finish that damn thing already, I wanna see it.” Nothing like some motivation!

I’ve been making strides in sock knitting as well. I’m at the first heel of my Summer Holiday Socks:

The Verdant Gryphon Eidos, colorway Parzival

I’ve also finally had the chance to re-work and write up most of my Lillypad sock design, starting a second sample in the process:

The Verdant Gryphon Bugga, colorway Yellow Fringe Doris

I edited the stitch counts and made small changes to the picot cuff. I have to knit through to the foot again and work on those charts (damn my incomplete note-taking!) but shortly after that the pattern will be ready for testing and tech editing. Woohoo! Sorry to keep some of you waiting, I promise the pattern will happen!

That’s all I’ve been working on lately. Hopefully I’ll have some FOs to share soon. I can’t help but fantasize over which long-suffering WIP I want to tackle next. I think it will be my Flamboyan shawl (a.k.a. Beautiful Briny Sea):

SG and Cephalopod Yarn Bugga, colorways Box Jellyfish and Blue Ringed Octopus

I have an unofficial goal of wanting to finish it by Rhinebeck (yes, because it matches my sneakers, and that weirdly makes me happy), along with a hat and another shawl and maybe another shawl. *hysterical laughter* What unattainable goals have you been dreaming about lately?

Year of Projects progress update (7 down, 43 to go):

1. WIPs: 2/10 finished, 1/8 left in progress
2. SIPs: 1/5ย  finished
3. New Projects: 1/14 finished, 2/13 left in progress
4. New Socks: 2/6 in progress
5. Of My Own Design: 3/16 finished, 2/13 left in progress


16 thoughts on “Taking Care

  1. I don't know if the goals are unattainable, you are a pretty quick knitter! I personally think that being home more makes you notice the cat hair building up under the bed and mysterious smudges on the wall more. I'm also impatient to see the color affection shawl done, I just love that project so much. I'm also excited to see the new design some time in the future.


  2. All of your projects are so pretty! I wish I had the time to work on all of those at once. The color affection is looking amazing, I can't wait to see all your hard work pay off. I hope there is one of those in my future ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. I am in love with your color affection shawl! Such lovely deep Fall tones–the socks too. Would you like my address so you can send them to me? ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Have a super week, and don't about the housework–knitting is definitely more important.


  4. Wow, fabulous progress! CA looking mighty fine and that swatch….Um I'm drooling!…Yes when home all the time you notice EVERYTHING that you ordinarily wouldn't…I usually spend the first 20 minutes of the day, just taking care of those little things I've noticed the day before, then I notice less the next day…good luck and hope to see your FO's soon! Have a great week!


  5. OK. This seriously did not help the serious case of buy.all.the.yarn.itis I'm fighting. Cuz you're making lovely things. In lovely colors. And I want all the yarn in all the colors to knit all the things, too! GAH!



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