Beribboned, Beribboned

My new Beribboned Hat pattern is finally available for purchase!

The Verdant Gryphon Mondegreen (worsted)

The pattern includes 2 sizes (one for worsted weight yarn, one for DK weight yarn) to fit an average woman’s head, 18-22″ circumference. It is delightfully slouchy, with the DK version having a slightly slouchier fit than the worsted.

Cephalopod Yarns Traveller (DK)

The ribbed patterns are easy to work, with pretty eyelet lace details keeping things interesting. The laced-up ribbon (or i-cord, as seen below) gives the hat a wonderfully feminine feel, while the slouchy shape keeps it fresh and edgy. And don’t forget, this hat would go smashingly well with the Beribboned Wrists (my free pattern) that you’ve already made!

The Sanguine Gryphon Codex (Hi, Katy!)

This design really shines in a yarn with some silk content or other fiber that will up the drape factor (like bamboo or ‘silkier’ wools like BFL). Of the three hats I’ve knitted, my favorite is the one knit with Mondegreen which is a great mix of BFL wool, silk, and camel that will be available from The Verdant Gryphon later this month.

For even more fun: from now until the end of September, the pattern can be purchased for 10% off using the coupon code ‘yayseptember’ on Ravelry… just because I love you guys so much. 🙂 Hope you enjoy it!


10 thoughts on “Beribboned, Beribboned

  1. Oh wow, that is beautiful—great design, and the shine of the ribbon against the (gorgeous) yarns you've used is genius. I wonder if I can convince my mom to make me one of these… (I am, sadly, not yet a knitter.)


  2. Thank you so much! 🙂 I hope someday you give knitting a try, once you get the hang of knit, purl, and knitting in the round you could make this hat! Hats are some of the first projects I started making.



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