Finished-Object-Friday #2

Before I get to the FO, I have a question for you: did you ever wonder what your teachers looked like around 8pm on any given night during the first week of school?

I think my favorite part of this  is that particular shirt/pants combo…

My poor, dear, exhausted Fiasco! He has officially survived his first week of teaching middle school science. I am so incredibly proud of him… even if he can’t keep his eyes open much these days.

Back to knitting: I finished my final Beribboned Hat sample!

I love freshly-blocked lace, don’t you?

 Guys, I LOVED knitting with this yarn. Mondegreen from The Verdant Gryphon is truly fantastic. The finished fabric has a lovely silky, drapey feel. I will be sure to sound the alarm here when it finally goes on sale.

Currently de-ribboned.

Those holes above show where the ribbon would go. I didn’t have time to lace it up before dashing off to work this morning, but I do have the perfect color ribbon for it. Fear not, though, soon you will see this hat in all its glory. This weekend I will be going to Boston for a dear friend’s wedding and am planning to coerce some of my friends into modelling for me. 🙂 If all goes well, the pattern will be available on Monday!

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Happy Friday, everyone!


7 thoughts on “Finished-Object-Friday #2

  1. Love the hat, and the stunningly accurate portrait of modern life. The collapse from exhaustion in PJs and with some kind of tech in hand, we've all been there. Hope you both enjoy the three day weekend though!


  2. The really, really embarrassing thing is that I've fallen asleep just like that before, with xbox controller in hand. Hopefully you found it adorable like my guy did! Mmmm and that yarn looks divine, especially in that colorway. I hope you use that one for the pattern photo!



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