Work-In-Progress Wednesday #8

It’s been busy busy busy over here! I busted a move on my Huacaya hat design and managed to finish it up quickly:

Not a great shot of the hat but this photo should be helpful if you ever need to pick my profile out of a lineup, no?
I’m quite happy with how the crown came out:
I just love a nice set of crown decreases, don’t you?
More info and better pictures to come later when I officially release the pattern. To reiterate, it will be sold as part of a kit at the Burgis Brook Alpacas booth at Rhinebeck, and will be available digitally after the festival. Now for some real WIPs!
Beribboned the Third:
The Verdant Gryphon Mondegreen, colorway The Ants Are My Friends

That is the start of the third sample for my Beribboned Hat design. Once I finish it and photograph it I’ll be able to release the pattern, yay! I love releasing new patterns. 🙂 I’m really loving this new yarn, too. It feels a bit like The Sanguine Gryphon’s old yarn, QED, except softer and silkier… so, even better!

Summer Holiday Socks:

The Verdant Gryphon Eidos, colorway Parzival

These socks are progressing nicely. They are my grab-and-go, no-thought-knitting. They came camping with me, they’ve been picnicking with me, they’ve gone hiking with me, they’ve been to the beach with me– everything a pair of summer holiday socks should do, I think. 🙂

Color Affection:
A.k.a. the neverending shawl
See where the stitches on the needle switch from green to white? Well, the white ones represent how many more “short” (ha!) rows I need to knit before I can begin the edging. There are 48 stithches, so 48 more rows. Sigh. I cannot wait to wear this shawl. Every time I wear an outfit that would match it perfectly the little fashionista in me feels sad. I’m setting myself a goal to finish it by the end of September, which is the VG Open House in Maryland. I’d love to be able to finish and wear it there.
It’s been quite a while since I’ve updated my Year of Projects goals and progress, so here’s a quick summary of where things stand– 3 down, 47 to go:
1. WIPs: 1/10 actively in progress
2. SIPs: 0/5 actively in progress
3. New Projects: 1/14 finished, 2/13 left in progress
4. New Socks: 2/6 in progress
5. Of My Own Design: 2/16 finished, 3/14 left in progress
Don’t forget to check out what everyone else has been up to! Hope you have a lovely Wednesday.



18 thoughts on “Work-In-Progress Wednesday #8

  1. Love that new hat design! And have to say I just started a Color Affection as well- I just couldn't resist any longer- something took me over and I found myself at my LYS clutching a skein of sock yarn from my stash looking-searching for two others to go with it…I'll race you to the end of September.


  2. You know how much I'm in love with your color affection, I simply cannot wait until you finish it and show it off! Although I suppose seeing a wonderful new finished hat design can hold me over. Also, you have such great taste in yarn!


  3. You are a busy lady! So many hats–I love them all, but really, really love your “holiday” socks! The more I see that color affection shawl the more drawn to it I am –you will look lovely wrapped up in yours.


  4. Wow! You've been up to all kinds of good stuff lately! 🙂 LOVE the alpaca hat (you're right, the crown looks awesome!), and your color affection shawl is looking great! Of course, the socks are lovely, too, and I can't wait to see Beribboned #3 finished up. That Mondegreen is just ridiculously gorgeous!



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