Verdant Love

This post comes from a knitter who is omgsogladit’stheweekend. But it is finally Friday and I have exciting things to share!

Have I thoroughly discussed my love of The Verdant Gryphon with you? I know I’ve mentioned Bugga (ha, mentioned!), but most of my stash came from The Sanguine Gryphon before they closed. Funds and yarn-stalking time have been pretty limited  so I haven’t really been able to properly profess my VG love through yarn hoarding yet. Until now. I wasn’t supposed to (due to a poorness-induced yarn diet) but then I went and got some new yarn (thanks credit card!) because it was just too darned pretty.

The top skein is Traveller (superwash Merino DK) in Barbary Coast, which is perhaps the most fantastic blue-green color ever. I’m a complete sucker for blue-greens and teals, and this one is extra fabulous. It has much more complexity than I expected from the photo. Luckily it is one of their standard colorways so it is easy to get if you are patient. Most VG yarns require a bit of stalking, particularly the special ones, but the Back in Stock Notifications are helpful. The bottom skein is Eidos (superwash Merino fingering) in a one-off colorway called Parzival. Eidos is one base I haven’t yet used so I’m excited to try it. I think I’ll make some Ribby Holiday Socks out of it, something simple and fun to show off all those great colors.

Speaking of VG, they are going to be releasing a new yarn very soon! You can read the details in this Ravelry thread. It’s going to be a worsted weight yarn called Lyrical composed of 60% BFL wool, 20% silk, and 20% baby camel. It sounds absolutely divine and I can’t wait to try some! They have a fun Nomadic Knitting activity planned for the yarn’s release, as well. As per Gryphon:

“We have a little game planned, which we’re calling Nomadic Knitting. It goes like this: We’ll start a thread in which interested knitters can post. Again via lottery, we’ll select three of you. Those three will be sent a nomadic skein of Lyrical along with its passport, travel log, and a pattern. You’ll cast on for the project in the pattern, knit an inch or so, and then pass it on to any other knitter you like. That person in turn will knit a bit and pass it on again, and so on. The final knitter will return the FO to us, and we will donate it to a charity. Each knitter should record their name, email, and any notes on where they are in the pattern in the travel log. When we receive the logs back, we’ll send a coupon code to every email in it.”

And guess whose pattern will be one of the three sent out with the new yarn?!?! 😉

It’s true, my little Beribboned Wrists are going nomadic! I am so excited for one of my designs to be included in this and can’t wait to see the projects that result. I am completely flattered that an artist whose work I admire liked my pattern enough to associate it with her gorgeous yarns! I bet that Lyrical is going to make some really luxurious wristwarmers, too.

The yarn should be released in early September. The Nomadic Knitting sign-up thread is here, if you’d like to participate (though I think you need to join The Verdant Gryphon group to play along). I like the idea of so many different people contributing to one piece of knitting. It’s like knitting penpals or some sort of mobile quilting bee. Have you ever participated in something like that before?


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