Work-In-Progress Wednesday #5

It’s time for another WIP Wednesday update! (Is it just me, or is time seriously flying by?) I am sad to report that little-to-no progress was made on my Color Affection shawl or any of my sock projects, but I vow to make up for that this week! Turns out that going camping for the weekend seriously cuts down on my knitting time. You’d think it would increase it with all the  relaxing and whatnot, but not so much. I did more spinning than knitting, actually, I think because the spindle is much easier to pick up and put down sporadically. Now, on to the things I did manage to work on!

 Random Washcloth:

Lily Sugar ‘N Cream cotton

I might have to rename this project to “Comically Large Washcloth”. Folks, it’s huge. I’m knitting it on the bias with eyelet rows thrown in. I increased to about 55 stitches before decreasing again, which was perhaps too much. On the other hand, all of my other cotton washcloths tend to shrink up with time, so maybe this is ok. What do you think? It’s probably about 8 inches wide.

Shiny Slouch:

The Sanguine Gryphon Codex (soon available from The Verdant Gryphon for a limited time)

My Regina Hat is progressing splendidly. The pattern is clever and fun to work. You knit the band first, then pick up stitches and work the hat inside out so it’s mostly knitting but the purl side is the right side. The Codex yarn (52% silk, 48% BFL wool) is just perfect for it, too. I think I’m really going to love the results once blocked. Almost there!

Secret Swatch:

Handspun Bugga fiber, my Rainbow Bright yarn.

Finally, I was up until 2am the other day swatching out some design ideas. I did not intend to be up that late, it just happened! It was really great to knit with the yarn that I spun myself, I think I’m finally getting an idea of how to spin the yarn so that it’s something I’ll want to knit with later. I used to overspin quite a bit, I think, making the yarn dense and wiry instead of soft and fluffy. This skein is lovely to work with and I can’t wait to knit it all up!

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13 thoughts on “Work-In-Progress Wednesday #5

  1. I think “comically large” is a good name—and probably a sometimes-very-useful size for a dishcloth, and yours looks great. I love the hat, too, what nice colours and the the yarn holds the stitch texture like a dream!


  2. Love the yarn you spun up – I have a spindle too but I rarely use it. It will be used but getting rid of stash right now. Sometimes you need big washcloths in the kitchen!


  3. I always have a couple of bigger washcloths in the drawer so I'm sure you will find a use for it..I'm not sure I've ever found camping “relaxing” I've gotten older, my idea of camping is the Holiday Inn…



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