Make-It-Yourself Monday #1

I’m happy to be able to take part in Make-It-Yourself Monday this week with Lisa over at Wicked Artsy!

I have this crummy little desk from Wal-Mart that serves its purpose of fitting in teeny tiny apartments but stinks in most other ways, the most offensive of which is the pointy metal handle on the only drawer that sticks out two inches right from the middle of the desk.

What genius designed this?

It’s horribly annoying, especially for anyone large in the belly region, short in the arm department, or who just plain likes to lean on their desk. I was sick of it, so it had to go.

Be gone, you lil’ belly-poking bastard!

In its place, I knit up about 8 inches of I-cord out of some BMFA Socks that Rock Mediumweight that I had leftover from my Scotty socks. I did this while procrastinating working on my research publication, of course.

Calypso helped.

Next I threaded the I-cord through the holes that the handles had been screwed on through. Calypso especially liked that part.

I can haz string?

I tied the two ends together inside the desk nice and snug (remember, wool is stretchy). I could’ve been really fancy and done a provisional cast on, knitted the I-cord longer, and grafted the ends together so that it was a seamless ring of I-cord, but I chose not to care because it will never be seen. I just tied a knot and let the ends dangle.

I’m an easygoing knitter.

And now I have a cozy new desk handle that adds a little splash of color to an otherwise boring black desk. Plus, it couldn’t poke me in the belly if it tried.

Pretty pretty wool.

I love it and I’m embarrassed to think how long I’ve hated that desk handle before the thought crossed my mind that maybe I should change it?! (It’s been MONTHS.) This almost makes me want to install knitted drawer handles to every drawer in the house. It might happen someday.


8 thoughts on “Make-It-Yourself Monday #1

  1. Haha I love this whole idea. I had one of those on my old desk and I wish I had thought of this. It turned out so cute and it really makes that desk more personal. You should make a pattern on ravelry to get the idea out there!



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