Hot Ducks and Sparkly Seahorses

I have been having quite the busy weekend! My parents and my cousins are in town so we’ve been jetting around visiting some local shops and street fairs. Here are some of the things we’ve seen:

Some really hot ducks at Old Mystik Village, the poor lady on the right was panting!
Here’s an example of one of the cutesy little shops in the village.
Cutesy shops sell cutesy things, like these kissing manatee salt-and-pepper shakers that came home with me!
Henna tattoos happened, oh yeah.
After the glittery gel stuff flaked off… apparently it will be there for a few days!
Then we went to a local park for OpSail, where all sorts of tall ships come into port and commemorate the War of 1812. That’s a big coast guard ship near the horizon.
This is some sort of hovering boat that landed on the beach to bring the sailors to shore from their ships.
Glittery seahorse tattoo done by my future niece! This has not yet washed off, either…
My adorable little cousins, sporting their own henna tattoos and face paint done by my future sister-in-law.
And best of all, I taught Olivia how to spin a little bit!

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