Miserable Week!

Oh goodness, my apologies for the lack of posting but this was a really rough week! Awful weather Monday and Tuesday lead to very trying times out on the boat. (And by “very trying” I mean unbalanced, bruised, nauseous, and soaked through. Not fun.) Wednesday was a crazy-long 14 hour day and then yesterday I pissed off a blue crab and he took his revenge:


That is a very swollen and very sore right index finger. That sucker got me right on the knuckle and wouldn’t let go and by the time I got home my finger was swollen and sore enough that I went to the ER to get it X-rayed. Nothing broken, just sprained, but it is still really really lame. What am I supposed to do without my knitting finger?!

The face of my new enemy. Vicious little bastards. Photo from wiki.

Don’t be distracted by how pretty their colors are. They are more than worthy of my wrath.

Anyway, at least all the time I spent risking my life on the boat this week was good for some knitting (you know, before yesterday):

STR Lightweight, colorway Lunasea

My Lunacy! socks are coming along slowly but surely. The pattern, Dusty Corners by Linda Welch, is truly lovely and looks really great with this colorway (if I do say so  myself…), although those columns of 1-over-2 cables every other round are a big pain in the butt, but totally worth it.

I hope you’ve all had better weeks than I had… I’ve got a lot of blog reading to catch up on and an exciting weekend planned full of wool, friends, and backyard bar-b-qs so hopefully I’ll have more interesting things to report soon. For now, though, I’m just going to ice my finger and take a nap because this blogger/knitter/scientist/crab-attack-victim needs a friggin’ break!


2 thoughts on “Miserable Week!

  1. Sorry about your long week and especially your knitting finger! I hope you find a way to keep knitting anyways, because those socks are so amazing they just need to get done 😀



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