It’s About Time!

I finally (finally finally) finished my poor dear neglected Fiasco’s socks:

I think he looks appropriately thrilled, don’t you? Pair #4 of 2012, complete! I’m really happy with how these came out. This is my own design, the first ‘complicated’ sock I’ve put together involving a sideways-knit cuff, a few different cables and textural stitches, and a garter stitch heel and toe.

STR Heavyweight, colorway Drop Dead Sexy

Sorry for the flash-tastic photo, I have better ones waiting for the pattern release. I’m working on tweaking a few things now and will soon be looking for test knitters. If you think you’d like to test knit and can most likely finish one sock by the end of May, please leave a comment and let me know!

Another long-awaited event occurred today:

The arrival of my new Kundert spindle! My mom hinted at wanting to get this for me weeks ago and it finally got here, yay! The dark wood is walnut, the lightest wood is maple, the purple lines are purpleheart, and the rest of the whorl and shaft are cherry. The whole thing is gorgeous, I love it! 🙂 It feels much lighter than my Golding spindle, but that could be because my Golding currently has a huge cop of singles on it that I need to wind off. I’m excited to see how this one spins!

What have you been anticipating lately?


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