3kcbwwc– Perfect Day

The final topic for the Knitting and Crochet Blog Week is about balance between knitting and crochet, but since I don’t crochet and don’t really plan to learn (too much to do already!) that would make for a pretty boring post. So instead, I will discuss the ‘wildcard’ topic, which is to craft your perfect knitting-or-crocheting day.

I require nothing more for a perfect knitting day than just to have some f#%$ing time to knit! haha You want more fantastical details? Fine, my perfect knitting day would go something like this:

  • Awaken to a sunny day and sit in my coziest knitting chair with Calypso by my side
  • Watch some guilty-pleasure TV while I knit and drink tea
  • Go to a wool festival where Blue Moon Fiber Arts, Cephalopod Yarns, The Verdant Gryphon, and The Loopy Ewe all had booths (and no lines)
  • I forgot to mention that before this festival I would also win the lottery which would allow me to buy all the yarnz and not have to work so I can knit them all up later, too
  • Go for a hike and knit on a simple sock in the woods somewhere
  • End the day with a book reading by The Yarn Harlot 
  • Spin a bit at some point, as well

Sound good? Universe, what can we do to make this happen?

While I wait, I’ll show you the scarflet/neckwarmer thing I finished:

This was a free pattern, Mustard Scarf, available on Ravelry. It was simple to knit and worked really well with my handspun yarn. I’m really happy with it! It blocked nicely and it still blows my mind that the yarn didn’t just unravel in my hands while working with it! Kind of amazing that it came from fluff, right? What’s really funny is that Calypso adores this thing. While it was blocking she was constantly laying on it. And when I draped it over the chair for photos, I found her like this:


Handspun snuggles! Have a happy Sunday, everyone, and thanks for reading along during this blog week event. If you do a google search using the ‘code’ in each of the titles of my posts (e.g., 3kcbwwc for wild card entry, 3kcbwday1 for Day 1 topic), you’ll be able to find all of the other blog posts of bloggers who participated in this event, as well. Cool!


2 thoughts on “3kcbwwc– Perfect Day

  1. Very nice, that scarf looks amazing, as your cat can attest to. I love the colors also! And yes, isn't it amazing that a ball of fluff can turn into something as great as that!?!



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