3kcbwday4 — Seasonality

Today’s topic of the Knitting and Crochet Blog Week Event is to discuss the seasonality of your knitting — does what you knit change with the weather or throughout the year? I think this is an excellent question and I am very much regretting the fact that as you read this I am on a boat and thus do not/did not/will not have the time to answer this question as fully as I’d like.

For instance, if I’d had the time, you’d be seeing a lovely photo of apple trees in bloom taken at the local orchard I drive past every day:

(Imagine rows of what look like miniature Whomping Willows covered in pale blossoms.  
Ooooooh, pretty!)

That photo would’ve set the tone of the post. Spring! Seasons! Seasonality! It all ties in nicely.

Then I’d analyze at length the patterns I see in my knitting. I’d discuss when I start certain types of projects and when I tend to finish others. I’d try to parse out the reasons for these patterns and perhaps there’d even be a table or a chart involved, because I do love me some Microsoft Excel.

 (Insert color-coded bar chart here.)

Instead, I’ll just tell you that I mostly knit socks and shawls year-round, with a rash of smaller accesory-type projects that breaks out from October-March during gift-giving season. Nothing says “Happy Holidays!” like making a whole bunch of worsted- or bulky-weight hats that I can bust out in a couple of evenings. Someday I’ll get a handle on how long it takes me to make things and plan ahead and start earlier. Perhaps I should start now, even. (There’s a thought.)

I apologize for my halfway attempt at meeting this challenge but perhaps this will make up for it:

My Fiasco is a LOLcat. And the best part is, I didn’t even make this picture–some of his classmates did. I think that speaks volumes to the kind of presence he brings to a classroom. Oh boy…


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