April Schmapril

I hope you had a wonderful Easter, those who celebrate it. I’ll be honest, April tends to be my least loved month of the year. It’s always crazybusy (not just regular busy) and something stressful is nearly always going on, whether it’s the end of the semester or the writing of a thesis or the beginning of a field season. April is just too transitional and full of anticipation of things to come for me to ever fully be able to relax, let alone take a weekend trip to my family’s place for a holiday. So I didn’t.

Instead, I did  my taxes and applied for jobs and packed up some boxes and in the afternoon I escaped for a quick visit to Wickham Park, a beautiful set of gardens in which the Fiasco and I would like to get married someday. There were cherry trees blooming:

kites flying:

turtles peeking:

sock models smiling:

Beribboned Wrists shining:

and shadows snuggling:

It was a good day, I had really needed that. Just a couple more weeks until things calm down! In the meantime I’ll be working on this snazzy-yet-soothing scarf:

Those stripes make me ridiculously happy. The scarf is just simple stockinette stitch, knit on the bias with Bugga in Grey Scalloped Bar Butterfly for the main color with Blue Lobster, Beyer’s Jewel Scarab, and Northern Purple Gold Beetle as the contrast stripes. (GSSB and BL are currently available from Cephalopod Yarns, the other colors are discontinued). I spent some time this morning weighing and measuring and figuring out how I want the rest of the scarf to go, and I think it’s going to be really great.

Sometimes simple is best.


2 thoughts on “April Schmapril

  1. Simple can definitely be the best sometimes, I love that scarf, the colors are great. I am jealous you went to the park, I've been so busy I haven't even had a chance to consider that. I will for sure do it more this summer!



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