Oh, Fiasco

This evening my fiance well-and-truly confirmed the appropriateness of his nickname.

I’ll set the scene: I was having an awful day. I had a late start in the morning because I was stuck late at work the night before and I knew I wouldn’t be getting home until late tonight. I was stressing out about this weekend being Easter and how I had to disappoint my family because there was no way I could make it home to see them and still remain a reasonably sane person. I was thinking about the health insurance paperwork I have to fill out, the taxes I need to file, the publication I need to work on, the knitting designs I want to make, the permanent job I need to find, the overall lack of funds in our near future, the utility companies I need to call, and OH YEAH WE’RE MOVING IN TEN DAYS so there’s a ton of packing to be done which we haven’t even begun to think about. I had spent much of the 75 minute commute home in a nice, stress-relieving state of openly weeping (during which time I also got scolded  by a traffic cop who couldn’t understand how repeatedly waving her flashlight towards the road might make me think I was supposed to go there, instead of not go there) and I was really just looking forward to getting a nice big hug after what felt like an endless day.

I pulled up to find my dear Fiasco eagerly awaiting my arrival– shivering over the grill on our porch. He had accidentally locked himself out of our apartment while making dinner and was stuck outside for nearly an hour before I got home. The whole place smells like burning marshmallows because he had sweet potatoes roasting in the oven for so long they turned into blackened wedges of ick. I walked in, face still wet with tears, and then laughed my friggin’ ass off while he hopped around trying to get warm.

Too bad Calypso hasn’t learned to open sliding glass doors yet, right?

Then we went out for pizza and life felt just a little bit better. He may be crazy but he is also most certainly entertaining, and on days like this I am really grateful that he’s mine. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Oh, Fiasco

  1. I LOVE YOUR CAT! He is SOOOOO CUTE! I am sorry to hear about the awful mess you are in, it makes my stress sound like nothing. I really hope you are having a better day and that everything ends up working out 🙂



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