Purple Procrastination

Since I don’t want to work on what I’m supposed to be working on right now, I thought I’d post about an older finished object of mine.  (You can see more posts about projects finished before the birth of this blog here, where the tag OBG stands for ‘Oldie But Goodie‘).

Malabrigo Sock yarn, colorway Violeta Africana

This is the Gaenor Shawl designed by Corrina Ferguson. It is a great little pattern. The shawl is knit sideways from end-to-end, so you begin with just a few stitches and you cast off just a few stitches, rather than beginning or ending with hundreds of stitches on the needle like you would for other shawl constructions. This type of shawl is great for when you have a smaller amount of yardage or when you want to be sure you will use all your yarn. You weigh your skein and split it in half, then increase to the middle of the shawl, and decrease for the second half of the shawl. The majority of this shawl is knit in garter stitch with just a bit of lace on the edging to keep things interesting, so it’s nice and simple, and a good intro to shawl knitting. I believe it was my second shawl ever, finished in March of 2010.

My only complaint about this shawl is that it ended up being too small for me to wear as a shawl. It was 57″ wide post-blocking, but that just isn’t large enough for me. Instead I wear it kerchief-style, which works pretty well, too:

Two-years-ago me, looking all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for some mysterious reason…

In fact, I’m wearing it this very moment because this sudden last-minute winter comeback is making it so flipping cold in my apartment! When I’m chilled I always feel better with a little something around my neck, and this shawl in such a soft, lightweight merino works great. With all the fancy luxury blend yarns floating around (Bugga, I’m looking at you) I sometimes forget how much I like good-ol’-merino like Malabrigo. In fingering weight the shawl is not too bulky, doesn’t get in the way, and still looks might pretty, even if I am just going to stay inside in my pajamas working all day. And yes, I am a staunch supporter of wearing pretty lace shawls with your pajamas.

What’s your take on shawls? Are you an over-the-shoulders shawl-wearer or a ’round-the-neck shawl wearer? Dressy, casual, or both?


2 thoughts on “Purple Procrastination

  1. I am working on a Wingspan 'shawl' right now, and it will be my first. I plan to wear it around my neck because the shape just seems to call for that. I have yet to make a 'real' shawl, but it's on my list for someday. I don't know if I'd ever wear it over my shoulders, I'd have to have the proper occasion to do so I guess.



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