Plans, Plans, Plans

Here’s the finished DK-weight version of my Beribboned Wrists pattern!

SG Traveller, colorway Whispering City

I love how this version came out! The yarn had been a gift from a Raveler who knew what a hard time I was going through back in December, and I love that I’ve been able to use it in something special. I tweaked the pattern a bit to space the ribbon holes out more and make the whole thing a little longer, and the lighter weight is nice for spring. I’m working on a version with an afterthought thumb, as well, so these could be fingerless mitts instead of wristwarmers if so desired. I like some versatility in patterns, and hopefully others do, too! I’m currently looking for a couple of people to test out the different versions of this (worsted or DK, with or without thumbs) so if you’re interested please let me know, I’d appreciate the help!

In other knitting, I’m plugging away at my Cotty socks. I just have half the foot of the second sock left to go, which makes me feel like I should definitely be able to finish by the end of the month. This would be great for 1) my sock goals and 2) the Cotty KAL on Ravelry! It really should not take 3 months to knit one pair of socks but somehow I keep finding myself in this situation: scrambling to finish before the quarter deadline. Siiiigh. And I’m woefully behind on my Super Secret Design Socks. I’ve finished the cuff of the second sock but the cuff is a bit unique and requires some attention before moving on to the body of the sock and I just haven’t had time to focus. Soon, soon.

And then, I’m going to knit me a Color Affection shawl!

copyright Veera, from her pattern page

How gorgeous is that? I was trying to avoid it due to limited knitting time and limited funds (a temporary seasonal biologist position only pays so much and those $6 patterns really add up) but then  a couple of wonderfully generous Ravelers offered to gift it to me! (You can see one of their beautiful versions here, on her blog!) I cannot get over how many lovely people I’ve been able to “meet” through Ravelry. Best site ever! So now I own the pattern, due to the kindness of knitters, and there’s no way I can resist such stripey garter-stitch goodness. I’ve got a color combo mostly picked out, too:


That’s SG Bugga in Fierce Snake, Nude, and Common Emerald Moth. I think they are going to look smashing together, but I still need to swatch and confirm before I decide. What’s your favorite stripey pattern or color combo?


2 thoughts on “Plans, Plans, Plans

  1. I really like striping blues and greens. I did purple and orange once that was pretty too. Your colors are really pretty, I know they will look great together.
    Isn't Ravelry great? I love the generosity of the people you meet on there, it's amazing how nice the knitting community is.



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