First Sock Design!

Woohoo! I just finished having my first sock design tested by four wonderful knitters in the Free Pattern Testers group (thank you, guys!) and the pattern is now available to download for free on Ravelry and in the sidebar of this blog!

STR Lightweight, colorway X-Mas Rocks

It is a simple, cuff-down pattern intended to be a bit of selfish knitting in the midst of holiday busy-ness (let’s pretend that’s still relevant in March! haha). Something quick and comforting that you can pick up and work on when you are able to snatch a few free minutes. Like all my favorite sock patterns to knit, it is easy to memorize and would make great travel knitting. The pattern is written for two sizes, with additional information on adjusting size through gauge. It includes plenty of detail for beginning knitters, including a photo tutorial on how I like to pick up stitches for the gusset. Welcome to the world, Ribby Holiday Socks!

In other news, I’ve been spinning more than I’ve been knitting lately so I don’t have a whole heck-of-a-lot to show you… this will hopefully be remedied soon. I really must get moving on my socks or I’ll be way behind on my 2012 Sock Goals! In the meantime, have a bit more red-and-yellow yarn:

CY Bugga Fiber, colorway Yubaba

I’m still super excited about how thin I’ve been able to spin this stuff. Woo!
(Apparently this post has turned me into an over-excitable “woo-girl”… what’s got you excited lately?)



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