Quick Fix

I needed a quick-fix project to include in an already-belated gift, and found the perfect thing:

Those are two Keeland Bracelets by Naomi Chaney, a free pattern available on Ravelry. I did the 2 braid version, but note that the pattern tells you in the pdf to CO 8 stitches when you really need to cast on 9.
I used Codex, a discontinued worsted weight silk/BFL wool yarn from The Sanguine Gryphon, and it worked perfectly.  I did 5 repeats for the top bracelet, which took about 5 grams and resulted in about 7″ length, and 6 repeats for the bottom bracelet and made some modifications to the buttonhole end so that it tapered, which took about 6.5 grams of yarn and was closer to 9″ in length. Perfect for leftovers!
How fantabulous is that button, amIright?! The multi-colored gold bracelet is a gift, but the blue one is mine, mine, mine! Anybody have a favorite jewelry pattern they like to knit?
Now back to the salt-mines for me. I have a publication to write and it’s going to happen this weekend so I can get it off my shoulders. Spring is coming quickly upon us and I don’t want to waste my precious free time inside working or feeling guilty about not being inside working…

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