Handspun Headband

Here’s a finished object from my second skein of handspun yarn! This:

transformed itself into this:

which transformed itself into this:

with a little help from Malabrigo Worsted for the inside liner. The fiber was the 100% Coopsworth wool from Hidden Valley Farm Woolen Mill that came with my Golding spindle kit. It was really lovely to spin, simple and straightforward with a nice shine to it. The resulting yarn is a 2-ply bulky weight that while nice and dense and drapey, is a little bit rough to the touch. Not horribly uncomfortable, but nothing I would put around my neck or forehead. Since I only had about 30-odd yards, I wracked my brain for something to make with it and came up with this simple earwarmer/headband. I basically un-vented a technique for knitting a liner, I had never done it before and kind of winged it and it turned out pretty well. I picked up stitches on one end, knit to about the middle, then picked up stitches from the other end so both sides would look the same, and bound off both sets of live stitches in the middle. There’s a seam inside, but I like how it looks:

and you don’t feel it at all with the super-soft Mal. Sometimes experiments work out quite nicely! I’m happy to have found a use for this handspun. If there is interest in the pattern I can write it up, it would make for some good quick gifts around the holidays.

Anybody have a favorite use for small amounts of handspun yarn?



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