Thief of Time

This work schedule is stealing away all of my knitting time! ALL!

Teeny weeny bit of knitting…

That tiny square represents all of the knitting I did in an entire day. Those are sock needles. It’s a tiny bit of knitting, and it’s a cryin’ shame.

The good news is I do have a lot of things in the works: I am currently having some wonderful knitters test my Ribby Holiday Socks pattern, so hopefully I’ll be able to offer that up fairly soon. I’ve finished the first of my Secret Socks for the Fiasco, and it looks absolutely fantastic! I’m writing up the pattern for that, as well. I’ve been spinning a bit and I’m knitting up my second ever handspun into a very- shall we say- rustic earwarmer that I am lining with some super-soft Malabrigo so nobody’s ears have to bleed. It is currently Malabrigo March, by the way, so get your Malabrigo knitting on! I won’t be doing much because of the aforementioned Time Thief (a.k.a., job) but no matter how many nice new “luxury” yarns I knit with, every time I go back to good ol’ Mal it feels like home. 🙂

So I am doing lots of things, just very very slowly.  Hopefully this weekend I’ll be able to bust a move on a bunch of them so I can have fun things to show you again. And I hope all is well in blogland. Four days in a row each week of practically no internet access is still an adjustment for me, I feel so out of touch!



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