February Was Not For Finishing

Things I failed to do in February:

–Finish my publication draft. I’ll probably get an earful about that on Monday. Boo.
–Finish any of my mittens. To my mind, the end of February means the end of winter, and I wanted to finish at least one pair of the two I have going for wearing this winter. I don’t think I even knit on any mittens in February, so finishing any would’ve been especially impressive.
–Finish 3 out of 4 pairs of my February sock goals. Triple boo.

Ever onwards, here is my revised list of February March Sock Goals:

Here’s hoping March is a better month for sock knitting than February was. I think my Fiasco will go crazy if it isn’t, he’s to be the recipient of the Secret New Design socks and he’s been eagerly awaiting them for weeks now. Poor guy. You know what else February was not good for?

Woopsie No. Two

Sticking to my no-new-yarn-resolution! BUT, again, these two skeins of SG Zaftig in Burying Beetle (which I’ve been waiting to snag for forever) were purchased with money from yarn that I destashed. In a way, they’re ok because I didn’t spend new money on them, just made a three-way trade: I sent yarn to someone who sent me money, which I then sent to someone else who sent me yarn. See? It all works out. I’ve got a design kicking around in my mind for these. I’m thinking a nice big infinity cowl. Love.

Man, February just flew by. I need more time to knit. How do I make that happen, exactly?



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