Working Girl

I had delusions. Delusions that I would have time for things after grad school ended and my job began. Delusions! I’m working as a temporary seasonal for the state’s environmental agency which is great for my resume and for gaining experience but not so great for my wallet (low pay) or my schedule. It’s a 75 minute commute each way which turns 8-9 hour days into 11-12 hour days, which sucks more than I thought it would. I figured hey, I’ll be home by 6 or 7pm, I’ll have plenty of time to do things! False. I’ve been so utterly exhausted when I walk in the door that I’m pretty sure if I didn’t have my Fiasco here I would just fall into bed until the next morning. But since he is here taking care of me I do normal things like eat dinner and have some social interaction–until about 9pm when I fall into bed. And apparently after staring at a computer screen and at the road for so many hours, my eyes do not want to keep staring at the computer screen or the TV screen or even my knitting. They just want to veg out. Hopefully they get adjusted soon because I miss this blog, I miss Ravelry, I miss chatting with friends online, etc. No personal computer use at work is an adjustment for me. And most of all I miss knitting. I haven’t knit a single stitch since sometime on Monday. THAT’S OVER 50 HOURS AGO. That’s not right.

But, it’s not all bad:

The location of the office is lovely, right on the Connecticut river, and it’s nice working somewhere that sees sunlight during the day (unlike my old dungeon office). That pained expression on my face is due to the fact that it was super windy yesterday, but it also appropriately summarizes how I feel about my new pre-dawn schedule. I used to stay up until 4 or 5am working, now I’m waking up at 5am. Another adjustment! But the people are nice and the work is easy and the experiences should be good, so hopefully I can figure out both how to have a life and do this job sooner rather than later. Wish me luck!



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