Fiber-Filled Friday

I had a whole list of important things that needed doing yesterday (boxing things to put in storage, changing the oil in my car, doing my taxes, working on my publication) and instead I sat around in my pajamas all day and played with yarn, read Game of Thrones, watched some amazing spoken word poetry on YouTube, wrote a poem myself, and started writing up a design. It’s like all of the fun stuff I love doing decided it was tired of waiting around being held back by Work and School and Science and so it just burst through and flooded my Friday with creative pursuits. I feel a bit like a lazy bum but it was also really really nice.

My Beautiful Briny Sea shawl got a little bit bigger:

Flamboyan in Bugga, colorways Box Jellyfish and Blue Ringed Octopus

I love how in the beginnings of shawls always remind me of manta rays.

Photo credit: Animal Wildlife blog

See? And I made a lot of progress on my not-so-secret-Valentine’s-socks. They are no longer a secret to the Fiasco, but I am still going to keep them a secret from the world because I am writing up the pattern and want to wait until they’re done to make the Big Reveal but here’s a little teaser shot:

STR Heavyweight, colorway Drop Dead Sexy

Zig-a-zig-ahhhh. 🙂 Now my goal is to get off my lazy butt and out the door because it is a beautiful Saturday and I am due for a nice walk. Have a great weekend!



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