Feelin’ The Love (or Not)

Today was my last day at UCONN. I packed up my office, returned library books and parking passes, and turned in my keys. It was weirdly anticlimactic. I also picked up the hardcover bound copy of my thesis:

Who’s cool? That’s right.

I have to say, seeing that feels really good. You know what else feels good? Taking the long and windy scenic route home just because I could. Just because it was a beautiful sunny afternoon and I had nowhere else I needed to be. I haven’t had that feeling in about 3 years. Ahhhhhhhhh… must savor this while I can. It won’t last long.

What doesn’t feel good is my Big Blue Hat. I reworked the decreases and while there is now considerably less hat, the decreases make the top of the hat stick out all funny and look really bad. The Fiasco likened it to something out of Dr. Seuss. I will have to frog and redo it again, this time trying more decrease points done a little later, to keep the slouch but reduce the pointiness. Here’s hoping the third time is the charm or else this hat will magically morph into a cowl and I will move on to less troublesome headwear patterns.

I have a single Cotty sock to show you:

STR Mediumweight, colorway Scottish Highlands

 I have begun the second sock. So for the halfway-through-the-month (WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN) checkpoint my sock goals are as follows:

  • finish Making Mischief socks DONE!
  • finish Cotty socks (55% done)
  • finish not-so-secret-and-not-for-Valentine’s-day-because-I-ran-out-of-time socks (10% done)
  • finish a very very old SIP, my Froot Loops socks (65% done)

I’ve made a little progress but not enough. I better step it up! I think I know why I’ve been slacking on the socks, though:

Inglenook Fibers Stickelbatt in Imperial Orchid

I blame the fiber. I’m in love with spinning, and I think it loves me back.

Happy Valentine’s Day, folks. 🙂 I hope that if you can’t spend it with someone you love, that you can at least spend it creating something you love.



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