I’ve moved on from my hat-related hissy-fit of the wee hours of the morning. The designer kindly answered my “what is going on, ahhhhh?!” question and I will be ripping back later today and decreasing at four points (instead of 5) that are somewhat evenly spaced out, except for the part of the hat that includes the cable. We’ll see how it goes.

One thing that cheers me up considerably is free yarn!

Just pretend this photo isn’t upside down, mmmkay?

This is Squoosh Fiberarts Rapture, a 75% wool, 15% silk, and 10% cashmere sportweight yarn, in the colorway Raven. I have not used before but it feels lovely soft and has a nice shine to it. I received this skein for free from Eat.Sleep.Knit., one of my favorite online yarn dealers. They include Yarn Lotto tickets with each order and this is not the first time I’ve won. I’ve probably received about $20 in $5 store credit prizes over the past year, plus a skein of Handmaiden Yarn Casbah Sock. I’m a sucker for incentives like lotto tickets or store credit, they really do keep me coming back. And why not, right? Now to figure out what to make with it… I’m thinking a lacy scarf would be nice. Any suggestions?

Oh, and look who discovered fiber:

Calypso, eying up my spindle…

I was trying out some wonderful-amazing-holy-wowsa-so-soft Polwarth wool on an old cheap spindle I had (it wobbles like mad!) and when I turned around I saw that my kitty had started making friends with the rest of the fiber. She was purring and kneading it, totally smitten. No fiber for you, kitty!



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