Aaaand Done.

My Making Mischief socks are finished!

STR MW, colorway Puck’s Mischief

Thankfully, I remembered the correct number of stitches to decrease to on the foot and now they both fit the same.

Pattern: South Fork Socks

The South Fork Socks pattern was excellent and wonderful and a lot of fun to work, even when I had to re-knit half the foot of the second sock again. I rarely say this, but I would definitely knit this pattern again. Just not this year, haha. Too many other sock patterns in line first.

On my fiber-filled Friday night I also spun up some of the Merino/Silk fiber and plied a little sample of the pink-and-silk yarn I want to make:

My first plying!

I think it looks awesome. Fiasco was like “Hmmm, there are thick and thin spots” (ever the critic) but it is really much much better than the yarn I produced before. It has been thoroughly soaked, thwacked, and is hanging to dry. I’m curious to see how it turns out after it’s been set. It doesn’t feel all that soft to me, which I think might be a consequence of too much twist and dense drafting. I’ll have to see if I can remedy that somehow. Any suggestions?

Oh, and speaking of the yarn I produced before, here’s a teensy bit of it knit up into an edge of a potholder:

Still kinky…

The yarn still has a lot of kinks and is rough-to-the-touch where there is a lot of twist built up, but it’s still neat to knit with yarn that I made myself. I’m pretty excited that it stays together and looks like yarn! Now I have to figure out how to make it look like yarn that I want, not just yarn.



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