Like Lightning

This spinning thing moves along quickly! It could just feel that way because I’m working with small samples and 2 oz. bits of fiber, but I’ve finished my first batch of spun yarn!

Unwinding from the “cop”, while Calypso investigates

Since I don’t yet have a niddy noddy and I was kind of in a rush, I wrapped the yarn around my forearm, which turned out to be a silly idea because I ended up with a bit of a tangled mess of yarn.

Kinky nest of yarn. I bet a bird would love this.

But I figured, what the heck, let’s go ahead and “set the twist” anyway. So I gave it a bath.

No, no rubber ducky.

And hung it to dry, weighted down to reduce the kink-factor.

My crazy-ass first handspun. So proud!

Like I said, it’s a bit of a mess right now, but hopefully when I go to wind it up it will look nicer. I also just hope it doesn’t all fall apart! But I trust physics. I can’t wait to see what it’s like to knit with. And, I already started another batch, which has been drafting much more easily than the other wool did and I’m getting a thinner, more consistent yarn that I adore.

Ignore the lumpy teal stuff, that’s leader yarn.

More details later, though. I even spun in the car on a road trip, haha. My Fiasco may come to rue the day he gave me that spindle. Yay, spinning!

Note to self: Put down the spindle and work on your socks. You only have 2 days left to finish your second January pair. I’m on the gusset of the second sock… commence speed knitting!



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