Grey, Green, Purple

I appear to be on a grey, green, and purple kick lately. I love those colors and lately it really shows! My Cotty socks from yesterday fall under that heading, I think. Check out what happened with the pooling when I changed stitch count:


The cuff was knit on 60 stitches and the leg on 55 (supposed to be 56 but I randomly decreased again for apparently no reason). Just switching a few stitches made it go from big crazy spirals to neat little stripes. I love the way it looks and I’m glad I changed stitch count.

Here’s some more grey, green, and purple for your viewing pleasure:

STR Mediumweight, colorway Tlingit

In my Final Order of 2011 I received a different color that I really didn’t like as much as I had anticipated, so I destashed and bought this skein with that money instead. It’s kind of a little bit like cheating on my resolution of not buying new yarn in 2012, but I rationalized it since I was supposed to have a new skein of STR MW and I didn’t spend any new money on yarn that hadn’t already been earmarked for it, so it was all good. And besides, my birthday’s coming up, so whatevs. New yarn!!!

Because it’s my birthday month, I received an awesome $20-off-any-purchase coupon from Vera Bradley (apparently I buy a lot of bags from there). Since I didn’t need a new purse and didn’t want to shell out a whole lot of money at the moment, I ordered a medium sized cosmetic bag. Guess what it’s perfect for?

Yup. 🙂

A new project bag! I have a purse in this same fabric, and it tickles my matchy-matchy bone that my knitting bag will coordinate with it. It’s a good size for a small project and it’s even lined with plastic so no super-sharp needles can poke through. I’d say it’s a win, and it fits in with the color scheme of my life lately. Not half bad.

Happy Friday, everyone!



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