Scottish Cotty Socks

I finally started my Cotty socks!

STR Mediumweight, colorway Scottish Highlands

I’ve been meaning to knit this pattern for a long time. It involves so many things I love: it is simple with a memorizable lace repeat, it has sweet details (that picot cuff), and it plays nice with variegated yarns. I love the colorway I’m using, but I’m getting some crazy spiraling going on. I frogged back to the cuff because I apparently couldn’t read last night and did the leg all wrong, I basically skipped half of what I was supposed to do and just knitted plain instead. Silly mistakes! Worked out well, though, because now I’ve decreased down to the 56 sts I usually like knitting my STR MW socks with, and I think it will help turn those crazy spirals into tidier stripes. We will have to wait and see! This is one of my favorite things about knitting with Socks that Rock yarn: you never know how the color will turn out, and small changes can make a huge difference! It might also explain why I have so many socks-in progress: I love starting new socks for the excitement of finding out how the yarn and pattern will mesh, and then I forget to finish. Woops! Funtimes.



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