Sore Fingers

As promised, here are the photos of the first pair of socks finished in 2012:

STR Lightweight, colorway X-mas Rocks

I love how the pink and yellow colors pooled similarly around the gusset of each sock. My Fiasco calls these my ‘clown barf’ socks. I can’t really argue with him. They are bright. Yet they are also festive, and that was the point.

Doesn’t everyone wear thermal pants because it’s so dang cold in their house? No? Oh well, just me then.

I started these socks way back in February 2011. I had wanted to knit them in time for Christmas 2010, but alas, it was not to be. I needed a plain sock A.S.A.P. to knit while reading papers and since the X-mas Rocks skein was already wound up, I started them. I winged the pattern, alternating stockinette stitch with *K3,P3* rows, and I liked the ridged effect so I kept going. They hibernated for a while until I tried to finish them in time for Christmas 2011, but that was not to be, either. Nevertheless, they are done now, and make my feet no less cozy despite the fact that we’re past the holidays.

I am kind of mad at them, though. I spent all day Saturday knitting them and then a lot of Sunday evening as well, and now my fingers are too sore to knit anything else! I’ve tried, and I just can’t seem to knit comfortably at the moment. I’m not used to having a whole weekend  of knitting time, usually it’s just what I can snag here and there, so I guess my fingers are out of shape! Which is a shame, because I’m itching to knit a Here and There hat. I need a warm hat and it’s so darn cute. The yarn is even all ready to go:

but no dice. It will just have to wait. Ever knit yourself sore before?



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