Midnight Knitting

It’s totally normal to stay up until 3am knitting because you didn’t get home from work until midnight and you were just so excited about mittens you couldn’t wait to cast on…right?

I swatched while reading (the Kindle is a bookish knitter’s best friend, I swear):

On the Kindle: “Hit by a Farm” by Catherine Friend

I tried and failed (again) at the provisional cast on, so I said “screw you, provisional cast on, you’re ugly and I don’t like you!” and just went with my tried-and-true nice-and-stretchy Twisted German cast on. Instead of unzipping the waste yarn and placing live stitches on the needles, I just picked up the required amount from the cast on edge, easy peasy. I mean, it’s for the inside of a mitten cuff, I don’t care if it’s invisible!

A many-needled knitted thing

I then played a fun game of knitted fabric origami to make that look like this:

DPNs within DPNs!

Finally got to knitting the hem together:

Yup, knitting stitches together across two different-sized needles while alternating two different colors… crazy.

And ended up with a beauty of a mitten cuff:

Love that braid!

This pattern (Flint by Jared Flood) is extraordinarily fussy but I love it already. We will ignore the fact that that little slip of knitting took me nearly 3 hours to produce. Whatever. All in the name of pretty mittens!



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