Since I submitted the final copy of my thesis yesterday (woo!) I thought it would be fun to try to organize The Yarn. What started in May of 2010 as an innocent curiosity about and affinity for the super soft, beautifully-dyed  Bugga from The Sanguine Gryphon, turned into an all-out yarn stashing compulsion once the closing of their shop was announced simultaneously with the timing of major thesis and family stress. It was the perfect storm for needing quick yarny pick-me-ups, there was no hope for me or my financial stability. I fell and I fell hard, and I ended up with this:


I know that my stash is laughably small to many other die-hard SG fans, but for me, this is a heck-of-a-lot-of-yarn. I’d say a solid 60% of what is visible is SG yarn, 30% is Blue Moon Fiber Arts, 6% is Malabrigo, and the rest encompasses a few random things like Knitpicks or Valley Yarns. What can I say? I like what I like and I like it a lot. The bubble crate holds the Malabrigo, the long tote in the middle has some BMFA Twisted and Mopsy but holds mostly SG QED and Zaftig, the floor is littered with Codex, the drawer on the floor has some Gaia, Mithril, and Skinny Bugga while the basket and the drawer pulled out is about 50/50 Bugga and BMFA Socks that Rock. I have to admit, I felt a little nauseous seeing it all laid out like that. There are so many expensive beautiful skeins in there just waiting to be knit. But the guilt is excellent motivation for me to get my stashdown going in 2012 and really put their beauty to use. Good thing I pulled all that out after I had already placed my final SG order, or I probably would have missed out on this:

Zaftig Bugga, colorway Ghost Moth

This yarn is an example of why I love SG so much: I’m not even a pink/coral-loving person but I absolutely adore this colorway, it’s just so pretty and unique and lovely. I was happy to hear that one of the new companies, Cephalapod Yarns, is planning to keep it on as a standard colorway. They are color geniuses, truly. This post turned into a bit of an Ode to the Sanguine Gryphon, but really, can you blame me? They are closing their shop for good at 5pm today. As they say, get it while you still can… It might be silly, but this really feels like the end of something  big.



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