Oh Boy

This is how I feel about the holidays this year:

“Ahck!” *hides*

That is my adorably kitty, Calpyso. I’m trying not to feel that way, I’m trying not to dread facing all of the problems with my family at “home”, but it’s difficult. Very very difficult. However, this helps:

Bugga x 2, Skinny Bugga x 2, Zaftig Bugga, Mithril, and Traveller (all from Sanguine Gryphon)

especially since that last skein on the right was gifted to me by a very generous friend on Ravelry who knows about the family stuff I’m dealing with, which was really sweet. Such kindnesses from the people around me are wonderful reminders that even if my biological family is falling apart, I still have a strong support network of friends and other people who care. It’s a bittersweet but good lesson to learn, particularly around the holidays.

Plus, it’s hard to resist looking forward to the some aspects of the holidays when I live with a guy practically bursting with excitement over them. He made a bunch of treats last night to give as gifts and they really came out great.

The master at work
Tasty, tasty mousies!

So, I’m trying. The holidays are coming whether I like it or not, I can only hope for the strength to get through the tough parts and try to enjoy the simple little pleasures as they come.



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