Hello Blogland, meet my favorite sock ever:

Socks in their prime, made with STR MW, colorway My Wild Irishgirlie

This is the first pair I completed (in April 2010) that really fit me well and I love everything about them. The pattern is Slip Jig by Irishgirlieknits and I think they are just so pretty. Since they involve my favorite colors and are clearly full of awesome, I wore the hell out of them and blew a giant hole in the heel:

Inside out, on darning egg

They’ve been like that for months and I have missed them greatly. Finally today I looked up a helpful youtube video and great photo tutorial and got my darnin’ on. It wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought! Quite simple, really. I didn’t hold the yarn double like the photo tutorial suggested, I just used a single strand, but then I did end up doing a third pass of weaving because I felt like the fabric was still too airy.

All woven up

They may not look perfect but at least they are wearable again! I also mended a pair of my Fiasco’s socks:

Socks in their prime, made with STR HW, colorway Pining 4 Ewe

These are Uncle Frank socks, also designed by Irishgirlieknits! They were his first pair, too, and he has worn them nearly constantly. There are no holes yet but some very thin spots on the bottom of the heel that I figured could use some reinforcing just in case.

Now, if only every problem in life could be so easy to mend…



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