After endless weeks of data analysis, re-reading the literature, writing everything down, and revising the discussion sections my master’s thesis is finally done! It’s very anticlimactic, considering my advisor’s response was “Good work. Now you need to…” followed by a whole list of other stuff I have to get going on, but for today — today I’m done.

I didn’t knit a single stitch yesterday, not one. That’s just wrong. I can’t even say that I’m making up for it now since I’m in such a zombie-like state that thinking about knitting anything but the very plain X-mas Rocks socks I’m making hurts my poor, abused brain. I have all these ideas for holiday gifts that I really need to get going on, and the yarn is already wound up, but just the idea of finding the needles and swatching to figure out sizes and either following directions or making it up as I go is too much. I’m a little bit broken. Hopefully, I’ll feel better tomorrow, because guess what I’m doing tomorrow? NOTHING. Well, that’s not entirely true. I will probably pull together my resume and do a little job searching and clean up the war zone that’s developed around my desk and and and and… but whatever, I’m not going to do anything related to horseshoe crabs, statistics, GIS, or writing and nobody can make me! All I’m going to do is zone out with my tea, my knitting, and some Netflix, and probably go for a walk at some point because my body needs to do something other than sit in a chair pretty soon.

So far for gifts I’ve finished an earwarmer, a hat, and a shawl. I have a cowl, a pair of mitts, another shawl, and a pair of socks currently in progress. After I finish those I will still have one cowl, four hats, three bracelets, and another pair of mitts to make. I’ve scaled back quite a bit from last year, not every single person is going to get a knitted gift. But that’s ok. Hats are my favorite because if you make them with bulky yarn they go super fast and are so, so warm. Here are the bracelets I would like to make, I think they’d be great for using up mini-skeins or leftovers and featuring any nifty buttons you might have. What are you all planning for knitted gifts?

Randomly, my Fiasco decide that he wanted to make my cat a scratching post / cat tree type thing, so check out what I came home to:

I’m amazed at what he did with just some carpet remnants, rope, plywood, glue, screws, cardboard carpet tubes, and that stick thing he used to use for karate. I think the whole project cost around $25, meanwhile if you were to go buy something like this it would be priced upwards of $90. I love when he makes things. Every once in a while he will get the urge to make a quilt and he goes into this quilting frenzy and produces a beautiful gigantic work of fabric art in a week. If only knitting went that fast… although knitting goes a heck-of-a-lot faster when you actually do some, which I’m going to go do know, because you know why?

BECAUSE I’M DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀


2 thoughts on “DONE!

  1. holy crap, that's a lot of knitted gifts! I'm only giving a hat (which I finished 10 months ago), a scarf and a cowl … and I'm worried about finishing the cowl before Xmas. Well, I'm reasonably sure I'll finish the knitting … but then there's blocking, and mailing.


  2. @Emily haha, bulky weight hats and worsted weight fingerless mitts are my best friends when it comes to gift knitting. I'm still at the stage where it is kind of quick-and-dirty. I keep all the SG for me (selfish) but that also means that for all of December I have to knit with other yarn for other people when I'd rather by busting out the Bugga for myself! But it's still fun to give the gifts when it's over.



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