It’s All About the Numbers

I am slowly learning both in master’s thesis life and in knitting life that it’s all about the numbers. Today I learned that whatever the statistical model says, goes, regardless of what my logic and general knowledge says is probably closer to the truth. Though it probably is closer to the truth, we still can’t say it, because it does not agree with the model, and the model is objective and quantitative and all we have to hang our proverbial hats on. Sigh. Science, you are a cruel master.

As for knitting life, I’m finding I reach a threshold level of “oh no, I have too much yarn” and then need to destash a little to feel better about myself. I’m not sure what the magical number is that makes me feel like it’s too much, and apparently that number has been on the rise since my stash has steadily grown, but today I bit the bullet and destashed some lovely skeins that I just knew weren’t going to be knit anytime soon. And a few of them involved red, too, so I’m being extra practical! I listened to my own advice from the last post and decided enough was enough with the red-that-matches-nothing-else-I-wear colorways. 

Speaking of numbers, I added a knitmeter to the blog. How fun! 7,761 yards in one year sounds like a lot, but I bet there are people with knitmeters that have much higher readings. If I ever completely lose my mind I might try to figure out the average number of stitches I knit per yard in my projects so I can calculate the total number of stitches I’ve knit in the year. That would probably be mind-blowing! Also, if I ever feel like going on a guilt trip I could calculate the total yardage of yarn I’ve stashed in a year and compare it to the amount I’ve knit… on second thought, I’m pretty sure that would be a horrible idea.

Take home message: screw the numbers and just keep knitting! 🙂



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