Post-Holiday Recovery

I hope everyone who celebrates Thanksgiving had a lovely one! Mine was somewhat hectic as I was up until 3am finishing the first draft of my thesis Thursday morning and then had to drive 5 hours. But I made it and it was nice to get some family time in, despite being half asleep.

Last night my Fiasco and I went to see The Trans-Siberian Orchestra play in Hartford. Their show was fantastic! Here’s a Youtube link to one of their most popular songs, in case you are unfamiliar. They rocked SO HARD in person. I never thought I’d see a holiday concert that involved giant flaming dragon jaws:

but there’s your proof! We had great seats, got fake-snowed on, and were right underneath the platform that some band members walked out onto during part of the show. Very very cool, I highly recommend catching it if you can.
To keep the holiday theme going, we got a teeny tiny Christmas tree and decorated it today:
We have a small apartment and no yard whatsoever so we figured this would be easier to deal with than a full-sized tree, and honestly it’s so cute I don’t really mind that it’s small. It might be weird that part of my Thanksgiving recovery was getting ready for Christmas, but it worked. I’m feeling pretty happy, relaxed, and festive at the moment.
Unfortunately, knitting around these parts has been scarce lately. I’ve been too dang busy (I’m shocked, too…) but I will show you something I made last year:
This wee little sock ornament currently resides on the wee little tree shown above. It’s made from Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock (which is by far, hands down, my favorite sock yarn of all time) in the colorway X-mas Rocks. I used size 3.00mm needles and cast on around 18 stitches and did a K1P1 cuff which I folded down.  I think it’s adorable and love seeing its happy colors on the tree. I’m working on a human-sized pair of socks in this colorway as well. I had started them last February when I needed something plain and brainless to knit while reading journal articles, but lost the mojo once winter was over. (I have a lost-the-sock-mojo problem we will be discussing at length in the near future.) I’m on the foot of the first sock and my goal is to finish by Christmas. It would be a no-brainer if I didn’t have a boatload of gifts to knit before then, too. We’ll have to see.
I’d like to knit more ornaments to give away this year. Do you have any favorite ornament patterns or holiday-themed knits?

1 thought on “Post-Holiday Recovery

  1. Yay on the first draft of your thesis being done!! And I just love the tree! It is perfect 🙂

    Adorable sock ornament! One day it would be so nice to have all knit ornaments…but yeah…not sure when that would be. Perhaps I should start knitting one ornament a year and see how that goes. My favorite ornament was one I knit for my sister….a tiny Harry Potter sweater (gryffindor colors with an H in the middle). Still have yarn to make more of those…hmmm….



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