Exciting Times!

Ladies and gents, my first published (and free) pattern on Ravelry! Introducing, Beribboned Wrists:

These sweet, feminine wristwarmers are knit with about 150 yards of worsted weight yarn, shown here in Zaftig Bugga, colorway Fierce Snake.

They are a simple combination of different ribbing patterns with a few eyelets thrown in for kicks, but the ribbon really makes them fun. These are for me because I am a selfish, selfish knitter but the more generous amongst you will hopefully find that they would make nice holiday gifts. Normally I’m bored by too much ribbing but the eyelet lace broke it up enough to make it more interesting, plus worsted weight yarn meant they were done in a flash.

They are large enough at the wrist to cover some of the palm but snug enough in the forearm to stay in place. I find they really do the trick of keeping me warm when its chilly indoors, and you can pull them down over your fingers for extra warmth outdoors. They can be resized quite easily by casting on more or less stitches in multiples of five, or just by changing needle size to tighten or loosen things up a little bit. I’m really quite pleased with these and hope you enjoy them! (And I may or may not already have a cowl version in the works… this designing thing could get addicting.)

Do please let me know if you find any mistakes with the pattern or if you can’t access it on Ravelry for some reason, I finished editing it and uploaded everything around 3:30am (because that’s how I roll) so there’s a decent chance that something went wrong… 🙂



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