Sneak Peek

Woohoo, guess what I finished last night (well, early EARLY this morning)?

The first half of my first real design! 🙂 That’s fun to say. I love it, all that tinking was worth it. It’s a tiny bit tight on my forearm because I have rather large arms, but I was NOT about to frog the whole thing back and start over… again. I’m going to just go with ‘my arms will shrink soon’ and really, nobody wants a loose armwarmer anyway.

But seriously, how pretty is that ribbon? When I saw the color of the yarn in person (Zaftig, Fierce Snake) it made me think of ribbons and lace and corsets and Victorian things. Thus, this gauntlet/wristwarmer/whatever was born. It would be pretty simple to de-ribbon it, too, if you didn’t want the extra prettiness. More pics when I write it up and publish it.

Also, from now on whenever I start to feel bad about this whole yarn obsession thing, I’m going to remember this:

That’s my Fiasco, with his new video game, huddled under blankets hiding from the light of day so he can see the TV screen better. Despite the vast amounts of yarn I buy and how much I talk about knitting, I don’t think I’ve ever looked quite this silly. 

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